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NetProbe 2000

  • Multi-service Network and Telecom Analyzer

    The NetProbe 2000 product family is the ideal handheld multi-service test set for operators installing and troubleshooting 1G Ethernet, IEEE C37.94, T1, E1, G.703 64kbps Co-Dir, T3, E3, Datacom, WiFi, IPTV and VoIP circuits. No plug-in modules required.

  • Benefits

    • All-in-one tester saves time and money
    • Simple intuitive GUI minimizes training time
    • Long battery life provides extended field testing
    • Results and Configurations can be exported for easy sharing
    • Rugged yet lightweight construction is ideal for service technicians
    • Fast processor for quick boot-up and lightning fast responses reduces time to repair

  • Key Features

    • Gigabit analyzer supports BERT, RFC2544, IEEE-1588, 1-8 multistream Traffic Generator, Y.1564, Looping regenerator, Wiremap, Optical.
    • IEEE C37.94 analyzer supports BERT, PDL, Optical Power Meter, Alarms and more.
    • T1 and E1 Datacom analyzer supports BERT, Alarms, Audio, PDL, Voice and more.
    • T3 and E3 Datacom analyzer supports BERT and Alarms.
    • Datacom Analyzer supports BERT, PDL and transmit/monitor Lead Lines on RS-232, RS-530, RS-449, X.21 and V.35 circuits.
    • VoIP analyzer supports Call/Answer, Call Log and SIP flow diagram.
    • WiFi dual-band b/g/n analyzer detects and tests WiFi devices. Displays AP’s, SSID, Encryption type, Signal Strength, Channel Usage and more.
    • IPTV analyzer supports STB emulation, Passive Monitoring, Channel Scan, TR101290 transport stream metrics, QoS/QoE metrics and more.
    • Comprehensive results can be exported as PDF, csv or text file. Large 8GB flash memory.
    • Graphic tables and histograms display concise results.
    • Remote operation via VNC client.

  • More Info:

    NetProbe 2000 Overview PDF

    NetProbe 2000 Details PDF

    NetProbe 2000 Users Manual