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Fiber Optic Cable

  • 10Gb Aqua cable now available!

    10Gb Aqua cable






  • Other Cable Styles Available

    Simplex Optical Cable pictureSimplex





  • Duplex Optical Calbe pictureDuplex





  • Connector Styles Available

    ST connector pictureST





  • LC Connector pictureLC





  • MPT Connector pictureMTP





  • MTRJ connector pictureMTRJ





  • MU connector pictureMU





  • FDDI connector pictureFDDI






  • SC Connector pictureSC





  • FC connector picutreFC






    • Simplex or Duplex Fiber
    • Single Mode (9 Micron) or Multi Mode Fiber (50 or 62.5 Micron)
    • Plenum or Standard Jacket
    • Which Connector Style
    • Cable Length (ordered in meters)
    • Transmit & Receive Pairs Crossed or Straight Thru

    NOTE: If the cable is to be used to connect two devices or a device to a host, the ends should be swapped (sort of like transmit & receive ends being swapped). This is considered to be the "standard" configuration. If the cable is to be used like an extension cord (that is, as in building wiring), the ends should be configured in a straight-thru manner, ends not swapped. When ordering duplex optical cables, unless specified, will be provided with connector ends swapped. Please be sure of your application.