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Most adapters/ mating sleeves are female. Contact us if you need a connection not listed here!

  • ST Connections

    ST Mating Sleeves Simplex
    ST Female - ST Female 
    ST Male - ST Female
    ST Female - SMA Male
    ST Female - SMA Female
    ST Female - SC Female (Simplex & Duplex)
    ST Female - FDDI Female
    ST Female - FC Female

  • SC Connections

    SC Mating Sleeves Duplex
    SC Female - SC Female

    SC Female - LC Female
    SC Female - ST Female
    SC Male - ST Female
    SC Female - FC Female
    SC Female - FC Male 

  • LC Connections

    LC Mating Sleeve Duplex
    LC - LC Female Duplex

    LC - SC Female Simplex
    LC - MU Female Simplex

  • FC Connections

    FC Mating Sleeve Simplex
    FC Female - FC Female 
    FC Female - SC Female
    FC Male - SC Female
    FC Female - ST Female


  • MTRJ Connections

    MTRJ Mating Sleeve MTRJ Female - MTRJ Female





  • MU Connections

    MU Mating Sleeve Duplex
    MU Female - MU Female

    MU Female - MU Female
    LC Female - MU Female